Welcome to the traditional grill restaurant Ionia!

Grill restaurant “Ionia” located in the beautiful area of Nea Smyrni, in a quiet neighborhood near the green parkland. The building, one of the oldest buildings in the area, houses our family business that has been operating since 1994 and continues until today to serve unique and authentic tastes.


In 1994 our family opened an authentic barbecue tavern in the heart of Nea Smyrni with respect to the tradition of grilling as it had been learned by the elders of the family. Since then we keep on making traditional Greek foods and serving the best meat on grill.

ionia ψητά


At grill restaurant “Ionia” we offer a great variety of dishes that will satisfy all tastes.
Do not forget to try our handmade souvlaki, the grilled meat and of course all the meats on the rotisserie.

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